With all the high-tech available, why use an Answering Service?

Well, your cell phone may be an awesome bit of technology, your computer super fast, and your VOIP system all-digital and the best of the best of tech, but….

Your potential customers are actual people.  They are organic. They are analog.

When someone is looking for your type of business, what is the most likely form of “first contact” in your business?  Did most of your new clients contact you on Facebook, or by e-mail?  Perhaps a few did.  I bet a very substantial number of them called you.

When a potential client calls you for the first time and it rings and rings and rings, then goes to voicemail, quite a few (most?) of them will hang up and call the next company they found on Google.

You can try to answer all the calls yourself, and that’s probably the best thing.  You know more about your business than anyone.  But you can’t possibly answer every single call.  You are human, too.

We can provide the next best thing.  Our receptionists can answer with a friendly, competent voice (e.g., “Good morning, ABC Enterprises. This is Julie, how may I help you?”).  Your analog customers — those human beings — are much more likely to leave a message with a friendly person.

We can then text and e-mail that new lead to you instantly.  You’ll know it’s a new client, and get back to them quickly before they call your competition.

See the difference having a great human receptionist in the loop can do for your business.  After all, there’s no point spending money and time on marketing, if no one answers the phone when opportunity calls!


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