Why Your Small Business Needs an Answering Service –part 1

Why Your Small Business Needs An Answering Service Part-1

I thought I’d write a few quick posts about why a small business needs a live telephone answering service. Have you ever called a business looking for a quick answer to something (“Do you do this?”, “How much do your charge for that?”, etc.), got an answering machine or voicemail, then hung up and called the next company you found on Google or where ever?  Be honest.  I know I have.  I think we all have. When this happens to your business, you’ve lost a potential customer.  What a waste!

Would you be more likely to leave a message with a friendly, competent sounding person?  I think you know the answer to that one, too. Using your own behavior as a guide, you can guess that having voicemail or an answering machine answer your line is resulting in some number of people hanging up and calling your competitor.  How big is that number?  Is it only 5% or 10%, or is it more like 20%?  Even if you’re losing just 10% of potential customers, isn’t that just a horrible thing to throw away, when there is an easy, cost-effective solution to this problem?

Of course, we will also make your life a bit easier, help you respond to new customers more quickly, and delight your existing clients. That will be the topic for Part 2.





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