Why You Need an Answering Service – Part 2

Why You Need Small business Answering Service Part-2

My last post was about the most fundamental benefit having a real live person answer provides to a small business — potential clients are less likely to hang up and call a competitor, and more likely to leave a message. There is a second huge benefit a service like ours provides.  Not only are we more likely to help you capture that new lead (as I demonstrated in Part 1), but we can get that new lead to you quickly so you can act on it in time. Let’s say you use voicemail and a potential client leaves a message for you (that’s great, at least they didn’t hang up when they got the recording! ;)).  So, maybe you have an indicator on your phone a voicemail has arrived.  You’re busy, you think it’s probably just another tiresome solicitor, and you check your voicemail a couple hours later when you’re free.

Well, darn!  That was a potential client, but he’s already called one of your competitors.

If you have a truly great answering service, like us (it’s hard to remain humble), we would have answered the line in your company name, with a smiling, cheerful voice, got a message from that new customer, then texted it to you within seconds.

Since you would *SEE* the actual message immediately, you’d know what it was about, and you’d call back that potential client right away and turn him into an actual client! I’ve got one more thought on how we can benefit a small business.  That will be the topic for Part 3.

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