Why A Live Person Matters – Part 2

This is Part Two in a series on why you need a live person answering rather than a machine.  Part one concentrated on the benefits of using us during the business day.

If your main concern is after hours answering — or really any type of situation where you may have urgent or emergency calls — there are a different set of benefits you will get from a great live answering service like us.

First, when someone is calling with an urgent or emergency matter having a live person answer gives that caller some comfort. We will tell that caller we are there to help them, and that we will be happy to contact someone for them.  If your HVAC system is broke, your child is sick, or a broken pipe is flooding your basement, that makes a big difference.  If you need emergency service and you are calling a few HVAC companies you found on Google, you’re likely to hang up on a recording — but not a friendly, competent person who says they will help you.  In this sort of situation, using a machine = lost business.

Second, even when it’s not a potential client calling you, your existing clients will be happy to have a cheerful, competent person.  After all, your clients will really remember how you helped them during their time of dire need.  The very first link in this chain is that competent voice that answers your line 24/7 365.

Third, we are indeed here 24/7 365.  If you are forwarding to your cell phone, there will be times you cannot answer (assuming you are human and need to take a shower, attend your child’s school play, etc.).  Your cell phone could also be out of range, accidentally left on silent, or left in your truck. IT people call this a weak “single point of failure”.

Finally, people are smarter than machines (at least for now!).  We are very assertive in tracking people down, when needed.  If we have an emergency and can’t reach the on-call person on their mobile, we can call that person at home, call through an escalation list of people, etc.  We don’t give up.  We will make sure that emergency gets through to someone.

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