Why A Live Person Matters – Part 1

Nowadays, we know that our main competition isn’t other answering services, it is often a choice between us our automation. Therefore, I thought I’d write up a few quick thoughts on why a live person is better than a machine.  This is part one of two. Different companies need a live person answering for different reasons.  This post addresses those offices that are most concerned about coverage during the business day.

First, when a new/potential client calls you for the first time, you want a friendly, professional voice to answer.  If they get a recording, a significant portion of those callers will hang up and call the next similar company they found on Google. That is a very bad thing. Second, if that new client leaves a message on your voicemail, you may not hear that voicemail until sometime later.  By the time you check your voicemail and get back to them, they have found someone else.  That’s just painful.  With us, that cheerful person will type up the message and zip it to you nearly-instantly by text and e-mail.  You can see it’s a potential client, and call them back ASAP, so you can capture that lead.

These are both very strong reasons in and of themselves.  There is final thing that many people don’t consider, however.  That is EFFICIENCY.  Have you ever stopped and thought how much time you or your staff spends listening to voicemail messages — maybe listening to just one message three or four times because you can’t quite hear the caller’s name or number right.  If you have twenty messages waiting for you on a Monday morning, your staff could easily spend an entire hour just listening to and writing down messages left in your voicemail.

When you have live, cheerful, human being answering service, you not only make a great impression on that new client calling you, you also have the benefit of that person typing the message up for you.  When you come in on Monday morning, you can just check your e-mail and start calling people back.  That’s an hour of your life you just got back that morning! A great small business answering service like us will help you capture more leads, get those leads to you quickly so you can act on them, and help you use your time more efficiently.  Give us a try!

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