We Have A New Feature – Client Localization Support

OK, this is probably not going to be that exciting to many of you, but I thought I’d put up a quick note about it anyway.

We try very hard to sound like a receptionist working in your office, and we have clients all over the country, in just about every time zone.

Until recently, our system showed the time of day to the operators in our time zone (Central), and then displayed which time zone the company for which they were answering.  In short, they had to do some quick math (+1 for EST, -2 for PST, etc) in order to answer a question like “Is the office open yet?”

Thankfully, they no longer have to do this.  A new feature in our system displays the current time in the current client’s time zone, automatically, as they answer the call.  In addition, the operators now see the name of the city, state, and area code for the current company for which they are answering.

Again, for those of you who are not answering service operators , this may not sound like a big deal.  However, this actually helps us quite a bit in our efforts to integrate better with our clients and make our conversations just a little bit more seamless and professional.

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