Voicemail With Live Operator On Demand

Having a live person answer all the time is definitely the “gold standard” for your business line.  However, for some businesses the only need for a live person is in case there is an emergency.  For everything else, they are perfectly happy with using voicemail.

Well, we can do that, too.  We have a service we call Voicemail with Operator-on-Demand that does pretty much what it sounds like it does.  When a call comes in, the caller is greeted with a recorded message and one or more options.  For instance, for a Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) company, it might sound like this:

“Hello, you’ve reached ABC Heating and Cooling. Our normal office hours are 8AM to 5PM Monday through Friday.  If you need emergency service, please press zero now for assistance.  If your call is not urgent, please press one to leave a message for our office.”

With this system, the caller always has the option of speaking to someone.  However, if they wish to just leave a voicemail for the office, they can do that, too.  Live operators are, of course, more expensive than voicemail (usage of voicemail is free, with us).  With Voicemail with Operator-on-Demand, you only pay for the live service when you really need it.

And naturally, when a caller does press zero, they are going to get the same friendly, professional operators that work for our premium live answering clients.

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