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Text With Confirmation service

If you frequently get urgent calls after hours, that you want the answering service to relay to you, I highly recommend trying out our Text with Confirmation service . The way it works is very simple. We answer your line, get all the details from the caller, then text the entire message to you with a request for you to “please confirm.”  All you have to do is text back “OK”.  This way, we know you’ve got it.

If we don’t get the “OK” back from you, then we’ll call you on your mobile.  We can then try any other numbers you might have, and even go through an escalation list of people until we reach someone.  The important thing here is this is not “fire and forget” — we don’t just text out and hope you get it.

Why not just have the operator starts by calling my on-call?  Well, the short answer is because it costs more and it is less convenient. Like most modern answering services, we bill partly on how much operator time you use. If it takes me 30 seconds to take a message, it will probably take me 30 seconds to read it to you over the phone (actually, probably longer because you’re not a pro at writing down messages like we are!).  So, that 30 second call, will cost you one minute if relayed verbally.  On the other hand, if we take the initial call (30 seconds), then text it to you (free), then you text back OK (free), it only costs 30 seconds worth of time.  Make sense?

I think your on-call people will probably like it better, too.  They want the minimum intrusion into their personal time after hours as possible.  This way, they just text back OK to us (that’s the answering service, sorted!) and then they can immediately call your client back.  Your client also gets a call back quicker.

Of course, we work for you, and we’ll do it however you need and/or want it done. We do recommend you give Text with Confirmation a try, though.

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