How A Specialty Answering Service Benefits You

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As a business owner, sometimes it’s hard to let things fall out of your area of responsibility. You want to make sure that anything that you are not handling does not end up in the wrong hands. An outsourced phone answering service can improve not only the quality of your business, but can help you to build a better professional brand. Start small with a specialty answering service, and see how outsourcing your phones can greatly improve your work and home-life balance.

  1. Outsourcing Phones Is Better Than Multitasking
    1. If you’re working in a small business or own a small business, you likely have had to rely on multitasking to get all of the necessary administrative tasks done during the day. It might be surprising for you to learn that multitasking doesn’t have to be the only answer. In fact, it is actually counterproductive. A report by Forbes has said that the brain cannot effectively or efficiently switch between tasks.  This means that it actually costs you time when you try to multitask.  It takes you four times longer when you’re multitasking to recognize new things that need to be accomplished.
  2. You Will Save Money
    1. The average in-house receptionist earns a yearly salary of $30,000. In addition to a salary, employers also usually provide other benefits like time off, holiday pay, and parental leave. When you choose to outsource your business’s receptionist needs, you receive an incredible benefit at a much lower cost than hiring an in-office receptionist.
  3. Your Work and Home Life Will Be Balanced
    1. When you’re in charge of an entire business that supports you, it can be hard to find time to actually relax and decompress. It’s been reported that over 70% of workers find themselves performing job-related tasks when they’re supposed to be reducing stress and taking a break. A specialty answering service can help handle all of the day-to-day business that occurs in your company, and can help you know what needs to be prioritized when you return to work.
  4. Open Communication Is More Appealing
    1. Studies have shown that 67% of customers hang up on a phone connection out of the sheer frustration of not speaking to a real human. And, 75% of customers get impatient waiting to speak to a real person. This means that having an automated menu that answers all of your calls can cost you customers and connections.
  5. You Can Work Alone
    1. Sometimes, you need to work from a home office, just like 34 million Americans, and can’t physically be in your office. Having a specialty answering service can take the worry out of possibly missing an important call, and allows you to keep up your business’s professional image.

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