If you need a competent live person available in case there is an emergency, but do not need a live person to deal with non-urgent calls, this service may be for you.  Voicemail Operator-on-Demand combines the cost efficiency of voicemail with the power and flexibility of a live person when needed.

How it Works

When a call comes in on your line, callers will first hear a recorded greeting. This recording can be customized to your liking, but here is a sample script:

Hello, you have reached ABC Company. Our normal office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. If you would like to leave a non-urgent message for our office, press one. If you have an urgent or emergency call, please press zero now for assistance.

If the caller presses one, they can then leave a voice message for the office. The recorded message can even be e-mailed to you immediately. There is no need to constantly call in to check for messages — just check your e-mail inbox, and if there are any voice messages, they will be waiting there for you.

If the caller presses zero, they are routed to one of our friendly and competent operators for help. The operator can then take their information and follow whatever instructions you give us for reaching the appropriate person. If you’d like more information about how our operators handle urgent calls and what your options are, please see the Live Answer After Hours page.

Live – Voicemail Hybrid

You can choose Live Answer or Voicemail all the time, or choose to have our system switch between the two services on a schedule.

Many of our customers choose to have us answer with a live person during the business day, but have our system route any calls that come in after hours to our voicemail system. This can be a great option for many small businesses.

When a new customer calls your office for the first time at 11am on a business day, they are expecting to get a live person. Their expectations of getting a live person at 11pm are different. This option saves money and also gives the appearance of having a staffed office that answers during the day, and a voicemail system that answers after hours.