Live Answer Business Day

If you need help mostly during the business day.

Live Answer After Hours

If you would like a live person to handle calls when your office is closed.

Voicemail with Operator-on-Demand

If you need a cost-effective option that allows callers to leave a message in voicemail, or talk with a live operator if it is urgent.

Notes on our Answering Services

These categories are just meant to be brief descriptions of what our clients are generally interested in.  We are very flexible and will work with you to find a custom solution.  We can combine the different services at left, or come up with something entirely different based on your needs.

We are a specialty answering service with experience working with a large range of companies, both large and small.  What is your biggest concern when choosing an answering service?

Do you want someone with experience in your industry?  We have experience working with just about the widest imaginable range of businesses — from architects, doctors, dentists, psychologists and chiropractors to IT companies, oilfield services firms, HVAC, lawyers and accountants.  This depth and breadth of experience is why we can call ourselves a specialty answering service.

Whatever type of business or organization you run, we will work with you to find a specialized solution for your unique situation.  We have the technology, staff, and know-how to adapt to your needs.  Frankly, we can do some amazing stuff at a fraction of the cost of hiring someone yourself.

We can be that smiling voice that greets your clients when they first call, and we can also be an emergency dispatcher when needed.  Competent and friendly, that’s us!

Call us and put us to the test.