Save Money With Voicemail After Hours

Many clients use us during the business day precisely because having a competent, friendly, live human being answering their phone presents a great image for their company. However, if you’re a business that no one expects to be open or available after hours, such as an accountant, you can save money by using our Live Answer Day / Voicemail after hours service. Using this service, you can choose specific hours that you would like answered by a live person.  For instance, you could choose to have a live person answer 8am to 6pm Monday through Friday, and 8am to Noon on Saturdays.  It does not need to match your office hours; you can choose any days and times that you like.

People are more expensive than machines, and the cost of our services reflect that. Like most answering services, we bill partly based on how much operator time you use each month.  If they voicemail is doing some of the “grunt work” after hours, you will use less time and your bill will therefore be less.

The voicemail is very capable, as well.  It can be programmed to e-mail the recorded message right to you as soon as it arrives.  You can also have multiple mailboxes.  For instance, you can have one for each employee, or one for each type of service you offer.  You can even give the callers the option of pressing zero if urgent, and the caller will be routed to one of our live operators 24/7.All voicemail usage and features are free as part of a live answering service package.

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