Remote Call-Forwarding

Remote Call Forwarding

Whether your business uses an answering service, or not, you still need a feature from your phone company called Remote Call-Forwarding. Remote Call-Forwarding allows you to forward or unforward your office phone from *any* phone.  For instance, you leave the office for the weekend on Friday afternoon, then after your 45 minute commute home, you discover you forgot to forward the line to the service.  You call the service and ask them to help (they can’t).  Now you have to drive all the way back to the office to forward the line.

If you have Remote Call-Forwarding, you could simply have called a special number from your cell phone, put in your office number and a PIN code, and then you could forward your phone to the service.  No 45 minute drive back to the office! It also comes in handy in other circumstances.  For instance, what if the power at the office goes out in the middle of the day?  Since the power is out, your fancy desk phone won’t work, and you can’t even forward to the service! What if some natural disaster or other act-of-God happens to the answering service and they go offline.  Again, Remote Call-Forwarding will allow you to solve both of these problems fairly painlessly.

If you have some kind of VOIP service, you are most likely able to do remote forwarding from your control panel.  Just keep a copy of the link, your username, and your password, on your phone so you can access it from anywhere. If you use a traditional landline telephone service, order Remote Call-Forwarding. It’s usually pretty cheap, and one day, I’ll bet you’ll be glad you have it.



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