Our People

I’m feeling very proud of the people that work for me today.  I thought I’d do a quick post to tell you all why they are so great. I know, I’m very partial — after all I selected them, hired them, and trained them.  Of course I think they’re great.

But I have been in this business for many years, and I’ve seen and heard some really terrible answering service operators.  My biggest complaint is when I get some other answering service and, when they answer, they act as if it is an imposition to speak to me or take a message.  It’s the curt “Dr. Smith’s Answering Service. This is Jolene, do you want to leave a message or what?” sort of thing that drives me nuts.

I hope you try us so you can see the difference a competent and friendly person will make to the image your company presents on the phone.  It’s hard to put into typed words (I really need to do some recordings to put up on our site).  But, suffice it to say, we are much more like “Good Morning! Dr. Smith’s Office.  This is Julie, how may I help you?”

We’ve got people that sound good, know how to get a good message, and that will treat your callers like they actually want to talk with them.

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