Onsite Receptionist vs. Phone Answering Service: Which One Should You Hire?

Most businesses have a system in place for handling calls they receive. There are generally two options to consider. Some businesses prefer to hire a receptionist to field calls during normal business hours. Others use phone answering services to take and direct calls during business hours and after hours. If you haven’t yet decided on an option or are considering changing the system you have in place now, read on to learn about the advantages that come with choosing a phone answering service over an on-site receptionist.

Improved Business Focus

With an on-site receptionist, the focus of your business won’t always be on the customers who are visiting in person. The constant bustle of answering phones and delivering messages can easily distract employees, customers, and clients. Callers may also get frustrated with being placed on hold while a receptionist deals with someone standing at their desk. With an answering service, friendly and professional operators will field all calls and direct the flow of messages, allowing your staff to focus more on daily business operations.

Reduced Costs

Training and maintaining an on-site staff primarily for the purpose of handling calls can quickly get expensive, especially for smaller businesses with limited budgets. Retaining an in-house staff also means expenses for benefits and overhead costs. A phone answering service can do the same tasks without the added expenses.

Improved Time Management

Doe part of your daily routine involve coming into the office first thing in the morning and spending upwards of an hour or so sorting through messages, returning missed calls, and emptying out your voicemail? If so, then you’ll likely appreciate the time you can save with a phone answering service.

Such services often have processes in place to prioritize messages and provide documentation of all received calls. Having these tasks already taken care of when you start your day will allow you to devote more of your attention to interacting with staff and customers right away.

Phone answering services like Honest Answering typically offer different options depending on your needs. For instance, you may only need live answering assistance on busy days at your office. If you already have a system in place, you may prefer to let your staff answer phones during business hours and switch to a live answering service after hours.

Some answering services also include voicemail with the option to switch to a live operator. The choice that’s right for you will depend on your communication needs and the level of customer service and support you wish to offer. Ultimately, a professional service for answering phones can help you run your business more easily.

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