Marketing and Answering Services

Don’t waste money on marketing, if you can’t have a cheerful and competent human being answer! You are throwing money away.

I read an interesting article today from The Brevet Group, 21 Mind-Blowing Sales Stats. A couple things jumped out at me. First, “92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone.” And second, “30-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first.”

New clients are so important for all businesses. We all spend money, time, and effort getting people to call us — and it’s very often a call, not an e-mail — for the first time.

Do you know what you spend in marketing money to get someone to call? It’s often very substantial. How much is that client worth to you if you can capture their business? Is it $5 or $500?

However, you can’t possibly be at your desk in your office poised to answer every call yourself every moment of the day. So, what do they get? Are you rushed and on your cell phone while in your truck? Is your staff busy at the moment? Does the caller often end up often getting voicemail? When this happens, many of those people will simply hang up. You just lost that business, and the value that goes along with it.

We can help! With Honest Answering, you can simply set your business line to roll to us automatically when the line is busy or you don’t answer. Or just forward everything to us when you want us on. If you have a great answering service like us (sorry, hard to remain humble sometimes!), you will get a prompt answer, a cheerful voice to make a great impression, and a competent person that will get an accurate message back to you fast, so you can get to them before they call your competition.

We do after hours answering as well, to handle urgent and emergency calls. But many of our customers are most concerned with the above. Answer quick, make sure they don’t hang up, get that info, get it to you so you can do your magic.

Try us free for two weeks. We want to be your answering service! Give us a try, see if we can help your company capture new business. If you are not happy after the two weeks, you don’t owe us anything.