Don’t Sign a Contract for your Answering Service!

Don’t Sign Contract For Business Answering Service

This is just a quick post to advise anyone considering an answering service to avoid any company that demands you sign a long-term contract in order to use their service.  Not all answering services require a contract (we certainly don’t), and so you do have a choice.

My personal feeling on this is that an answering service is representing your firm to your clients (and potential clients).  It’s a position of trust.  If you ever come to that point where you don’t have faith in the service anymore, you have to move on. Why would your provider want to bind you to them in this circumstance?

I had a sales call the other day from an HVAC company that was very interested in our service.  She liked everything I had to say. But, when she checked into it, she had just signed off on a THREE-YEAR contract with her service.  Three years!  Just say no!

We are simply a month-to-month service.  There are no long-term contracts.  Not only do we not have any long-term contracts, but we give you a two-week free trial up front so you can see that we will do a great job, before you pay us anything.



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