Case Study – Veterinary Practice

We work for lots of veterinarians. Even before I started Honest Answering LLC in 2013, I worked with tons of veterinary practices for 25 years. Of course, the first thing we understand is that every Veterinary Clinic or Hospital is different. We’ll work with you to find something uniquely suited to your situation. After all, a practice that specializes in feline care in Houston is going to have much different needs than an equine specialist in Kentucky. We can answer your line however you like — perhaps something like “Good evening, Quality Veterinary Care, this is Julie. How may I help you?”

After hours, your first concern is probably to differentiate between urgent and non-urgent calls. So, you can have us ask a specific question, such as “Is this emergency?” If it is an emergency, many of the veterinarians we work for also like us to ask if they are a current client and if not refer the caller to a nearby 24 hour emergency clinic. For the vets that desire this, we then act as a filter so they can protect your valuable personal time while still making sure they are available to their existing clients. And when there is an emergency, you’ll find we’re very assertive in making sure that message gets through. You can have us start with our “Text with Confirmation” service (which is fast, efficient, and free), but then follow up by calling through an escalation list if we don’t get confirmation. We will document everything thoroughly, and the office can get a copy of every message and complete audit trail of what was done automatically each morning.

Non-urgent messages can simply be e-mailed to the office. If you’re particularly price-sensitive, we can even use our Voicemail with Operator-on-Demand service to screen calls so that operators only handle emergencies, while the voicemail — which is generally cheaper — handles non-urgent messages. Please consider our free trial; we would love to have a chance to show you why so many veterinarians use us on a daily basis. We’ll work hard to earn your business!

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