Case Study – It Companies And Help Desks

We love working for IT companies and the help desks of other companies.  Before I started this company, I used to work in the IT field myself.  I set up LANs at small companies, provided tech support, built custom PCs, and wrote custom software.  I get the business and how difficult it is.  We will help you win new business, and keep the clients you have.  We’ll also help make your life a bit easier. The first and most important thing we will do for you is to help you get new customers and keep the ones you have now.  Even though you’re in the technology business, your customers are not computers — they’re people, and sometimes when that server is down, or that key application keeps crashing, you want a real person on the other end of the line.

We can answer your line with a friendly, professional human being. For instance, “Good morning, ABC Solutions. This is Tina, how may I help you?”  If the caller says “My server is down and we have a presentation today.  We need it fixed ASAP! ”, the operator can respond with “No problem, I have someone I can reach for you immediately.  Let me get some information from you so I can contact them right away.”  Isn’t that what you would want in a similar situation?

Once we get an urgent message, we can do something we call “Text with Confirmation” which means that we text the on-call tech, and wait for him to text back “OK” to confirm. If we don’t get the confirmation, we call through an escalation list until someone is reached. Likewise, if the call is NOT an emergency, we can take a message, then e-mail and/or let it directly to the appropriate person.  If it’s a potential client calling for the first time, you’ll know about it right away and be able to get back to them before they call that other IT company they found on Google.

Like I said at the beginning, we can help you get new clients, and delight your existing clients so they stick around. If you’re in IT, we want to be your service!  Please consider giving us a try.

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