Case Study – HVAC

Case Study Of HVAC-Specialty Answering Service

Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (aka, HVAC) companies are a big part of our bread and butter. We serve lots of different types of companies, but some of our favorites are definitely our HVAC clients.

Here is a sample solution we have provided to a large HVAC company.

We answer in the company name (e.g., “Good evening, ABC Air Conditioning. This is Julie, how may I help you?”) and take a message from the caller. If it is regarding service, we get the address where service is to be performed. We also ask if it is urgent or “can it wait until the next business day?”.

If it is urgent, we advise the caller that we will contact an on-call person immediately and let them go.  We then immediately text the message to the on-call person (the office provides us with a schedule, by e-mail, each month).  The operator then sets a timer in our computer for 10 minutes to give the tech a chance to confirm.  If we get the confirmation “OK” back by text, we document this fact, and then mark the message as delivered.  If not, we call the tech on their mobile and home numbers, and leave a message for them to call us.  If still no response after another 10 minutes, we begin calling through an escalation list of people until someone is reached.  The office then gets a copy of this message — along with documentation for every single action the operator took — on their e-mail the next morning.

If the call is not urgent, then the operator would simply e-mail it to the office.

There are several important needs met here.  First, the on-call person is NOT bothered with everything. They are only contacted for urgent service matters.  Second, the caller had a friendly, competent person to speak to initially who described how she would help him and then did so.  Finally, the office knows exactly what came in the night before, how it was handled, when, and by whom.

This is just an example of what we can do.  We will work with you to design instructions that are exactly suited to your needs.

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