Caller ID

Caller ID has been around for a while.  Since we started, we’ve had the ability to log the caller ID of each call on the message. For an answering service like us, it’s a very handy thing.  Even though we read any number a caller gives us back to them to verify it, sometimes the caller doesn’t listen as carefully as they could, or we misunderstand them, etc.  Having the caller ID show up on the message is a nice backup — just in case.  You’d hate to lose that great lead, just because you don’t have the right number.

We have figured out a way to go one step further, though.  Now, when a call comes in the operator is presented with the caller ID of the caller right on the message form she’s filling out.  She’s also given a “Use this number? YEs/NO” prompt.  If she chooses yes, the number is copied automatically into the telephone number on the form. This saves operator time (and therefore saves our clients money), saves the caller’s time, increases accuracy, and makes life a bit easier on our operators.  It’s really a win-win-win.

Of course, the operator can still put in a number manually, if the caller wants to give a different number.  You would then get both on the message we send you by text, e-mail, fax, etc.

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