Business Day Service – FAQ

Here are some of the most common questions we get asked about using us during the business day.  We are a 24/7 service, and you can see this other link if you are interested in after hours service.

How much does it cost?

Please contact us for a quote.  We’ll get back to you ASAP (we like new clients!).  You’ll find we’re competitive with other quality services (especially so for small businesses), but the emphasis with us is not cheap, but good.

Do I have to use your number, or can I keep my number?

You can just use call-forwarding to forward your number to us.  Call-forwarding will work with just about any phone company or phone service, except for Google Voice (sorry, the forwarding for Google Voice is weird!).

Can you e-mail and/or text messages to me?

Yes, definitely.  We actually recommend doing both in most circumstances.  When you get messages by text you’re immediately aware of anything critical (like a potential client calling you for the first time).  When you get them by e-mail, you have an easily searchable “archive” in your e-mail inbox.  Also, if one or the other fails for some reason, you still get your message.

Will it sound like a call center or an office when people call?

It will sound like a small office, not a call center.  There are answering services out there with huge “boiler room” type operations where 20 operators are answering at once.  We’re much smaller — about 12 operators total, with maybe four answering at the same time under peak periods.  This makes us sound better and gives a chance to get to know each account so we can provide a truly personalized service.

Why should I use you over another service?

We are good!  Really!  We give everyone a two-week free trial, so you can see for yourself before paying us anything.  We think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised by the friendliness and professionalism of our operators.  We will work hard to do a great job for you.

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