Better Than Ruby

There’s a certain 300lb gorilla in the answering service business named after a red gem.  I won’t mention them by name *cough* Ruby *cough*.  🙂

I’ve read a bit about them, and there is one thing I really like — they put a lot of effort into finding people who sound good and treat callers well. We do that, too.  However, too many answering service owners fail to put enough emphasis on this, in my humble opinion. So, good on ’em.

With all of us at Honest Answering, you’ll find that same cheerful can-do attitude. But we also offer some advantages they cannot.

First, there’s cost. I almost spit out my coffee when I saw their prices. In fairness, we don’t even publish our prices (we give each client a custom quote).  However, all I can say is call us, we’ll do a great job and it will not cost you an arm and a leg.

Second, we are here 24/7. They only operate 13 hours a day. So, if you’re doing some (very expensive) marketing and one of those (extremely valuable) new leads happen to call you after hours they will just get voicemail.  Want a friendly, competent person to answer 24/7? Call us 🙂

Third, we can do everything they do, plus many things they cannot. Let’s just start with any application where someone is needed to answer 24/7.  Just cross them off the list.  All the stuff in their cute video on their home page — we can do that.

Fourth, did I mention cost?  I should mention that again. Finally, there’s the matter of size. I love to see successful companies, even my competitors. They are providing meaningful employment to lots of our fellow Americans, so again, good on them.  However, do you want to be just another number to a mass-production message factory? I’m not sure how many clients they have, but I would imagine it is measured in the thousands.  At the time of this writing, we have 155 clients.  When we say “your business is truly important to us”, we mean it. You and your callers will get the sort of personalized service with us that you just can’t get from a huge company.

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