Appointment Scheduling

If you run any kind of a small business that requires appointments, we are the perfect answering service for you! When a caller gets the answering service and wants to make an appointment, the standard reply is to let them know someone will have to call them back to schedule.  This works OK, but I can also tell you from years of experience that many people will say “I’ll just call back”.  Most of them will call back, but some won’t, and that’s just business lost for no good reason.  Not to mention that every time you have to call someone back, it eats up your time as well.

The main challenge with having anyone outside your office schedule appointments are that they must be aware of appointments that are already on the books.  We have a solution. We recommend a service called web-based system called Appointlet (  Using this, your office and our operators can both schedule appointments.  It is linked to your Google Calendar, and there is automatic conflict-checking — so our operators cannot schedule someone at 9am on Monday if your staff has already scheduled someone at that time.

If you are going to be on vacation for a week, or at a wedding on Friday, you can simply block put that on your Google Calendar.  Since it shows you as “busy” at that time, Appointlet will not let either your staff or our operators schedule any appointments during that time. Another huge benefit of this service is that you can put some text or a button (e.g., “BOOK NOW”) on your website, and link it to your Appointlet account.  Your clients or patients can then book appointments themselves directly from your website.

The system does NOT show other appointments, names of patients, etc.  It only shows what times are free.  So it’s perfectly HIPAA-compliant. We are not affiliated with Appointlet.  We simply recommend it because it is reasonably priced and it offers a very simple, clean interface that allows our operators to book appointments quickly and efficiently.  If you’d like to see a sample booking system I set up, please go here:

If you don’t want to mess with all the technical stuff, we can do almost everything for you.  If you can use Google Calendar, you can use this system.


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