Always here, always answering your calls

It’s been a while since I posted something. My last post, done in January 2020, was entitled A Great Business Answering Service, will make for a great 2020! It seems like a lifetime ago.

I think many of us started off this year with a great deal of hope and optimism. What a year it has been. I know many of us, and many of our businesses have had to deal with a great deal of upheaval and uncertainty.

Through it all, though, we are still here. And we are still answering our clients phones and we never stopped doing so. We are still providing the same great 24/7 answering service that we have since we started many years ago.

We are proud of the fact that we haven’t let our clients down and that we have retained our full staff.

If you’re looking for an answering service that keeps serving you regardless of economic upheaval, storms, hurricanes — and now even pandemics — but keeps working for you, keeps answering your phones, and keeps serving your clients day in and day out, that’s us.

If your staff can’t always be in the office, consider our business day live answering service. We can help maintain some normalcy by providing that friendly live person to greet new clients when they call you for the first time. And when this is over, we can be the backup to your own staff so your business has some redundancy for future events.

If you want to make sure a real human being captures new business (or routes urgent calls) after hours, consider our Live Answer After Hours service.

Let’s hope 2020 closes on a better note, and that 2021 is even better.