Case Study – Chiropractic Office

We are very proud to serve many Chiropractic Offices, all over the country. We have found our Chiropractors to be a great group to work with, and they seem to be happy with what we can do for them, as well.

We can provide your practice with much of the functionality of a receptionist, at a much lower cost than hiring someone.

We can answer in your practice’s name — for instance, “Good Afternoon, City Center Wellness.  This is Megan, how may I help you?”  We aim to sound just like someone working in your office, and we try to answer with the warmth and concern appropriate to an office in the business of healing.

We can schedule appointments for your patients.  There is a web-based system we can recommend to you that costs about $10 per month that will provide a scheduling system that you can use, that your staff can use, that we can use, and that will even enable your patients to schedule an appointment themselves directly from your existing website!  We will help you set everything up and explain it.  If you can use Google Calendar, you can use this system (it integrates with your Google Calendar).

If a potential patient calls for the first time — maybe something critical like someone who’s been in a car accident — who do you want answering? A cold, unhelpful machine?  Some people will just hang up and call the next chiropractor they found on Google.  If you have us answering, it will be a cheerful, professional person that will say something like “Let me schedule you an appointment at your first available time.  I know the doctor would like to see you right away.”  We can schedule them and text you to notify you.

We can answer many simple questions, but if someone asks a medical or other question we can’t answer, we would simply say something like “Dr. Smith can answer that, I can get some information and I’ll have him return your call.  Can I start with your name?”  Once we get the message, you can choose to have it texted and e-mailed right to you.

In short, if you have a chiropractic practice, we want to work for you!  We have lots of experience.  Please give us a try.

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