phone_black_1_smallWe are a 24/7 business phone answering service.  We can answer for your company during the business day, after hours, or both.  Our operators are competent and friendly and we want to be your answering service.  We understand that every client is unique, and we will work with you to find something that works well for you.  We offer a two-week free trial.  Call us for a quote at 855-247-6767.

Answering Services

live answering services

If potential customers call and the phone rings and rings or they get voicemail, some of them will simply hang up and call one of your competitors.

That means that all your time, effort, and money invested in marketing was wasted.

Let us fix it!

Never miss a new client or patient call again.  We’ll answer with a friendly voice and get a message to you quickly — so you can get back to them before they call one of your competitors.

Call answering services

Sleep easy at night, knowing your phones are covered and your clients will be taken care of.

We are here providing 24/7 business phone answering service.  When we get an urgent call, you’ll find we’re very assertive in relaying, we’ll make sure the message gets through to someone, and we will document every step we take so you have an audit trail of actions on every message.

Ask us about our text-with-confirmation service.  It saves money, and your staff will love it.

Phone answering services

And it really is free.  We just want a chance to show you what we’re like, then we know you’ll be hooked.

You get a two-week free trial.  If you’re not satisfied with the live answering service for any reason at the end of the free trial, you owe us nothing.  Even if you keep us, we still don’t bill you for the first two weeks, and there’s no contract.

Fair enough?



Live Answering Service By Honest Answering